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Path-breaking contributions from researchers of all linguistic backgrounds deserve recognition. There is a steady rise in the number of submissions from non-English speaking authors, but they often encounter difficulties in expressing themselves in English.

We offer translation support with dedicated subject-matter expertise across a plethora of research disciplines to help authors reach a global audience irrespective of their source language.

High-precision translation of academic and technical content

Error-free translations

Be it an academic manuscript for a journal or a book, our team of experts offer accurate translation to ensure that your ideas and nuances are conveyed in error-free and grammatically accurate English.

Bilingual, subject matter assessment

Our team of over 700 experts helps translate papers originally written in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and other widely spoken languages into English. Once translated, a bilingual reviewer assesses the translated document.

Nothing is lost in translation

We translate a large spectrum of documents of both academic and non-academic nature. Once our team receives the manuscript written in the original language, our system puts together a team of resources comprising a translator and a quality checker. The translator carries out an accurate translation from the source language to English and the quality checker carries out a detailed review of this translation. Authors can opt for translation-with-editing: after translation, a senior editor ensures that the manuscript meets the standards of the target publication.

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