Scholarcy is a UK based technology company applying machine learning to extract structured data and knowledge summaries from scholarly content.

Researchers use Scholarcy to identify and verify the key findings and sources from research papers. Publishers and aggregators use the Scholarcy API to create rich XML metadata from documents in any format, and to support the publishing process - from manuscript submission and appraisal - to review, publication, and promotion. University communications teams use Scholarcy to generate lay summaries from complex articles to promote their research output.

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Our Vision

Increasing the visibility and understanding of scientific research has never been more important. Our mission at Scholarcy is to make this research more accessible both to global research community and the wider population by distilling it into short, clear summaries.


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Scholarcy Features

Scholarcy Feature

Highlights key terms and links them to background reading.

Identifies the most important points and key findings in a paper and presents them as a short bullet-point list.

Creates a longer, referenced summary to give you more insight into a paper without having to read it in full.

Scholarcy Feature

Extracts all references from a paper or chapter and links directly to their original sources.

Extracts figures and tables to view more clearly.

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