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At Cactus Accelerator, we nurture innovative ideas and businesses with a focus on two domains:

1. Academia and Research: Solutions for researchers, academics, funders and scientific writers at any stage in the lifecycle of their research

2. Life Sciences: Solutions ranging from strategy to the execution of ideas that enable engagement with healthcare professionals, KOLs, payors, patients, regulators and other stakeholders in life sciences and allied businesses

Cactus Accelerator has a history of investing in truly disruptive businesses that fulfill the real world need of researchers and scientists like Kudos,, Scholarcy, doDOC, Paperpal, Kolabtree to name a few.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring researchers, scientists and life science companies closer to answering the questions that only science dares to ask. With Cactus Accelerator, we empower founders who have a similar vision. We seek the truly disruptive idea and innovation that fulfills the real world need of researchers and scientists.

M3 Program

Cactus Accelerator's M3Program provides entrepreneurs with


We mentor and guide founders through the crucial phase of idea development, strategizing, product development and commercialization.

Monetary support

We reinforce you financially and help you invest intelligently in key areas of marketing, human capital and technology.

Market access

With access to our networks and to all our customers across platforms, we help founders connect with the people and markets they need to build a seamless value chain system.

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