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Research promotion plays a significant role in the dissemination of research to audiences beyond the academic community. It makes research accessible to policymakers, businessmen and entrepreneurs, researchers in other subject areas, and the public at large.

Our team offers comprehensive solutions for research promotion to ensure that high-quality information is made available to a global audience and to increase brand value.

Creative ways to share your work

Our research promotion team offers creative ways to support researchers, universities and institutes, and publishers in amplifying the reach of their research and the impact it can have. Our innovative solutions and products focus on positioning stakeholders as thought leaders in markets around the world.

Helping your research go global

Institutional Promotion

Consultative support to help universities and institutes promote institutional research worldwide through online and offline channels.

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Research News Stories/Press Releases

Simplifying research and making it consumable for the media, and improving audience engagement.

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Research Video Summaries

Using audiovisuals to convey ideas in a more engaging fashion than traditional media and to facilitate wider consumption.

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Research Infographics

Visualization of research through eye-catching images and descriptions for people to consume key messages quickly.

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