Revolutionizing Scientific Communication by Turning Science Beautiful for all Audiences

Mind the Graph is an online platform to create visually appealing figures for scientific research. It offers the perfect interface for researchers, and authors to design a graphical abstract for their papers while still meant for simplicity, being an easy to use tool where just about anybody can work to create great infographics, graphical abstracts, presentations, and posters - from beginners to professionals, individuals to groups and small labs to large organizations.

Science communication is not a discipline taught in most science-related courses, and very often, researchers lack design skills or access to professional softwares. Still, there's a 120% growth in citations for articles with infographics, meaning they are really powerful in generating buzz around a research.

So, how do you create interesting infographics from scratch, without professional resources or design skills? That's the gap we want to fill in with Mind the Graph: turn scientists into designers and unlock creativity with all visual resources needed for effective science communication.

Our Vision

Mind the Graph's purpose is to help scientists do more, be more, and succeed more. Together, we want to revolutionize scientific communication and make science beautiful for every audience.




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Our Offerings


We have the world's largest scientifically accurate illustration gallery. And if you need specific art, you can request it from our graphic design team.


You don't have to start from zero. Select the best fitting option out of our brilliant infographic templates, customize if needed, and download, present, or share your work straight away.


Our workspace empowers scientists to edit creations freely, with access to all illustrations and templates, shapes and texts, with PNG, TIFF, and PDF high-resolution downloads.

Poster Maker

Our AI tool integrated with our gallery of scientifically accurate illustrations captures information from a paper and follows the design style, composing an attractive poster.

Institution Services

We offer a special service plan designed for academic and industry teams with a need for advanced and personalized resources.

Creative Commons License

With our free culture Creative Commons license, users are free to copy, edit, reassemble and create science figures with no worries about author rights when submitting a paper.

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