Accelerating the publishing process with end-to-end editorial support

Academic publication is highly competitive and presents challenges to all stakeholders involved. Authors are under pressure to get published. Publishers receive overwhelming volumes of submissions and have to manage the increasingly tough selection and editorial processes. Universities and institutes are constantly seeking to enhance the quantity and quality of their research output with the aim of attracting more talent.

The need of the hour is to accelerate the speed of publication without compromising on quality. Combining the best of experience and skillsets, our team of subject and publication experts provides end-to-end support in the publication process to respond to the unique needs of every stakeholder.

Our services

Academic Editing

Varying levels of editing, from copyediting to ensure that basic grammatical errors are eliminated and the paper meets the detailed style requirements of the publisher, to detailed language and technical checks as well as formatting to ensure that your paper is error-free, captures all arguments of your research logically, and meets the standards of publication.

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Academic Translation

Localization support by expert bilingual translators to help you convert the content you create in your native language into English.

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Publication Support

Complete support at every stage of the complex and time-consuming publication cycle, from identifying appropriate journals and preparing the submission for the target journal to identifying potential technical issues that may arise in the manuscript in the peer review stage and helping authors address these issues ahead of time.

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Transcription and Narration

Transcription and Narration

Transcription services by industry specialists who can capture audio and video input accurately and engaging narration that captures cultural nuances to help communicate your message to the audience in a way that truly resonates with them and in the right format.

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Editorial other services

Other services

Custom services to meet emerging needs: for example, alt-text writing for alternative, detailed descriptions of images to make the content accessible to the visually impaired and easily discoverable online.

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