The intelligence behind the artificial intelligence.

At Cactus Labs, we craft curiosity-driven experiments with technology, to create real-world solutions for the advancement of science. We use AI and deep learning to develop innovative products and solutions for publishers, businesses and for stakeholders in academia and the life sciences.

Our Expertise

Language Automation

Custom solutions built for academia and researchers - language correction, automated editing and summarization.

Big Data

Data lake of 300M+ scientific documents cleaned and curated to generate business insights and recommend journals, papers, and articles.

Applied Machine Learning

Building state of the art language models, hyperoptimized process models and custom training pipelines.

Concept Extraction

Our unique methodology of extracting and fingerprinting a piece of text/document based on the concepts it contains.

Manuscript Assessment Tools

Trained on millions of published articles, tools which cover technical and language checks and suggest fixes.

Labs Incubator

All things experimental from augmented reality to building tools using transformer base generative models.

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