Our Mission is to Enable People to Reach Their Highest Potential

At the heart of CACTUS is our tremendous faith in people's potential. We envision a world in which everyone has belief and confidence in themselves, seeks to grow beyond artificial limits, and eventually reaches their full potential. Since the beginning, our driving force—and the source of our excitement—has been to accelerate advancements in the world by giving everyone a fair chance to demonstrate the full range of their abilities irrespective of their origin, language, location, or other obstacles.

Our journey began when we encountered researchers who, despite having unique and revolutionary thoughts and ideas, struggled to publish and compete in the global academic field because of the language barrier. We launched our first academic editing service to break that barrier. We have now grown into a multinational technology company with services that extend far beyond language support. But our spirit remains the same.

We imagine a world where all ideas and discoveries made by the greatest minds are easily accessible to everyone. To realise this, we will constantly support individuals and organizations that challenge themselves to achieve their best and share those achievements with others to make the world a better place.

Our Promise to Our Partners

To Our Customers

We provide solutions that enable our customers to overcome their obstacles and achieve their professional and business goals. Our technology and services evolve to enable us to simplify our customers' lives and provide them with output of the highest standard. Our aim is to ensure that their work reaches the right audience so that their ideas can help lay the foundation for the future.

To Our People

We want everyone working for CACTUS to shine, not only at work but holistically, as valuable contributors to the global society. Our work environment motivates everyone to constantly learn and grow. We create opportunities that allow diverse talent to flourish and empower people to meet their professional and personal goals irrespective of their life situation and background.

To Ourselves

CACTUS is a company that has the hunger to grow. We believe in ourselves and in our infinite potential. We are never afraid to change and transform ourselves to stay relevant in this rapidly changing world. We understand that little or no change means decline, so we keep pushing ourselves forward. We never stop thinking, trying, experimenting, innovating, and breaking our own norms, structure, and even past successes to find the best possible solution we can deliver today.