The Cactus Accelerator Vision

We are cut from the same cloth

For twenty years, CACTUS has worked for the acceleration of science and technology.

With Cactus Accelerator, we empower founders who have a similar vision - A vision to bring researchers, scientists and life science companies closer to answering the questions that only science dares to ask.

We seek the truly disruptive idea and innovation that fulfils the real world need of researchers and scientists.

Mentoring | Monetary Support | Market Access

Cactus Accelerator’s M3 Program provides entrepreneurs with


We mentor and guide founders through the crucial phase of idea development, strategizing, product development and commercialization

Monetary Support

We reinforce you financially and help you invest intelligently in key areas of marketing, human capital and technology

Market Access

With access to our networks and to all our customers across platforms, we help founders connect with the people and markets they need to build a seamless value chain system

In service of science and scientists

At Cactus Accelerator we have a history of nurturing businesses with a focus on two domains

Academia and Research

Solutions for researchers, academics, funders and scientific writers at any stage in the lifecycle of their research

Life Sciences Solutions

Solutions ranging from strategy to the execution of ideas that enable engagement with healthcare professionals, KOLs, payors, patients, regulators and other stakeholders in life sciences and allied businesses

Our experience in driving successful, disruptive solutions has helped us develop a model for the growth and success of businesses in these spaces.



Incubated within CACTUS



Across geographies and functions

Frequently Asked Questions

Cactus Accelerator invests in businesses that are innovating in areas that are in or adjacent to the researcher/ academia or life science services ecosystem. We are looking for energetic and visionary founders with strong and capable teams. We are indifferent to the stage the businesses would be in, but we prefer early stage companies with either a promising idea or an established proof of concept. Given this preference, our investments are at pre-seed stage, seed stage or for Series A.
As a rapidly growing and successful business, we are uniquely experienced in the Science-tech space, something that we aim to provide to all our investments. We understand many of the challenges that are faced by companies at this stage of development. In addition to our perspective and our monetary investment, we also look to help foster market access and mentoring assistance to the players.
We look for companies with promise who operate within our areas of current focus or otherwise fit well with our organizational vision.
We are flexible in our ticket sizes with no stated maximums or minimums.
Our process is designed to keep the timelines tidy and time-to-closing as short as possible. We prefer a personalized approach to interactions with the entrepreneurs and their teams right from the initial stages of our conversation. During the investment process, CACTUS leadership is usually brought in to share their inputs and perspective.
Email us at Send us a pitch deck, a recorded demo, and or a brief overview of how the Cactus Accelerator and CACTUS ecosystem can help you achieve your goals.

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At Cactus Accelerator we believe science is essential to our lives. We partner with companies that aspire to facilitate scientific advancement. We invest in new age ideas and technologies that facilitate propagation of science and scientific content.

We look forward to associating with disruptors who share our vision and aim to tap the power of technology to promote science.