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If attempted without expertise, transcription can become a frustrating and time-consuming affair. Our team of communication professionals, which include transcription and narration professionals, ensure that every little detail is captured accurately in words or through voice. We specialize in business, podcast/media, IT, and engineering content, but are adept at managing all kinds of academic and non-academic content.

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Our transcription experts accurately transcribe audio and video input to provide professional transcripts. Services range from verbatim or reader-friendly transcription, transcript summaries, and captions which can be customized to meet your business requirements. Our transcripts and subtitles can be localized into other languages using our professional translation services.



Our professional narrators read and record English scripts prepared by you and capture the energy and accent you need to communicate your message. We also consider the cultural and ethnic nuances of the target audience so that the message resonates with them.

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