Offering solutions beyond Editage to Korean researchers

Basil D’souza

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience & President, Korea Operations

December 18, 2020

When we entered the South Korean market, we were fascinated by the country. It seemed small in terms of population and size, but in terms of impact, innovation, and research output, it was among the top global leaders.

As we worked with Korean researchers, we learnt a lot about the research culture and mindset, now also part of CACTUS’s DNA, and really understood that South Korea’s stature in global research was the outcome of its well-organized and ambitious plan to be a world leader in science and technology. The vision and ambition were there for everyone to see. The speed of execution and urgency to be a world leaders is visible in every aspect of society; this result-driven innovation and the drive to always be on the cutting edge of technology has been one the great drivers for CACTUS to learn and support Korean academia.

I have been associated with CACTUS for over 15 years, starting off as an editor and then a managing editor, moving on to managing CACTUS’s global customer service teams and now overseeing sales and marketing in South Korea.

It was during my stint as a manager of the global customer services team of CACTUS when I first started working closely with Korean sales and customer service teams. Within no time, I was immersed in Korean culture and working with our Korean sales and customer services team.

During my many visits to South Korea and brief stints living there, I have met with many researchers and several associations of journals and societies. In Korean academic circles, we are more commonly known as Editage, which is CACTUS’s flagship brand. Our brand has always firmly been that of one of the premium author services companies in South Korea.

As CACTUS started evolving to serve the research community, several other brands like Impact Science and R emerged, each catering to specific researcher needs. This gradual evolution of CACTUS and its need to present a clear picture of how CACTUS can work with the author community in Korea necessitated the need to explain and showcase through an online forum the many ways CACTUS can work with the researcher community in Korea. While we attempted this through conference presentations and other offline channels, we always lacked an online presence to effectively showcase the CACTUS story and its relevance to the author community.

Which is why the launch of the CACTUS corporate site is exciting. The new website will enable us to effectively communicate to the author community in Korea as to how CACTUS can serve researchers—and other stakeholders in the research landscape—beyond Editage.

Please visit the website at and share your feedback with us.


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By Basil D’souza


Senior Vice President, Customer Experience & President, Korea Operations

Basil D’Souza largely works with universities and academia to address challenges faced by Korean authors in their publication journey. He also oversees the client servicing function, a role he took on in 2023. Basil has worked with Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Korea University, Hanyang University, KAIST, and UNIST, among others, to train young researchers to navigate the complex publication journey. He is currently President of the Council of Asian Science Editors (CASE) and a special member of the Korea Council of Science Editors (KCSE). He has a master’s degree in Nuclear Physics and authored two published articles on science communication and dissemination. He has also been interviewed by Science Editor and featured on CNBC Korea for his views on the academia.

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