Saudi Arabia’s Scientific Research Revolution

Abhishek Goel

Cofounder and CEO

July 2, 2024

Saudi Arabia is spearheading a remarkable revolution in the field of scientific research, driven by the ambitious goals outlined in Vision 2030. This vision serves more than just as a strategic roadmap; it is a comprehensive framework aimed at positioning the Kingdom as a global leader in innovation, harnessing the vast potential of data and artificial intelligence (AI). By fostering an environment conducive for research and development, Saudi Arabia is paving the way for significant progress across various domains.

As stated by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Prime Minister, and Chairman of SDAIA’s Board of Directors, the effective utilization of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, can mitigate many challenges and bring significant benefits to the world.

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) exemplifies this vision, highlighting the importance of data and AI for the Kingdom’s development. The establishment of initiatives such as the Open Data Platform and Data Governance Platform showcases the Kingdom’s dedication to offering researchers with access to high-quality, reusable data to advance their research endeavors. These platforms prioritize both accessibility and adherence to stringent governance and compliance standards, ensuring reliability and ethics of the data resources.

Gaining access to data is only the beginning. The real challenge lies in effectively analyzing and utilizing this data to drive scientific breakthroughs. Advanced AI tools are pivotal in revolutionizing research methodologies, enabling in-depth data analysis and enhancing peer review processes. These tools are indispensable for researchers to handle vast amounts of data, transforming raw information into actionable insights that can lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

A promising aspect of this transformation is the potential for global collaboration. Digital tools are narrowing geographical and institutional barriers, making collaboration and communication among global researchers more effective. It is remarkable to witness Saudi Arabia’s commitment to international partnerships, as demonstrated by recent agreements with leading global research institutions, fostering a new era of global scientific cooperation.

The establishment of the International Center for Artificial Intelligence Research and Ethics in Riyadh is one such example of Kingdom’s commitment to advancing AI. The incorporation of new technologies into traditional research processes demands considerable time, resources, and training. This necessitates collaboration among government, industry, and academia to address this challenge. Saudi Arabia has been actively working towards establishing strategic alliances that will provide researchers with the necessary tools and skills to succeed.

Editage, the flagship brand of Cactus Communications (CACTUS), is honored to contribute to this transformative journey and support the scientific research ecosystem of the Kingdom. As an organization that leverages AI and other cutting-edge technologies, we are committed to prioritizing researcher needs. Our goal is to simplify the publication process for supporting innovative research and ideas, allowing researchers to focus on their work while we manage the complexities of digital transformation.

Our services encompass a diverse range of AI-driven tools designed to support Saudi researchers in their research pursuits. From providing assistance in manuscript writing and analyzing data to supporting with peer reviews, our tools are designed to boost efficiency and productivity of the researchers. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive workshops & webinar programs aimed at upskilling researchers. These programs cover crucial topics such as research ethics, methodology, grant proposals, and data analysis, tailored to address the unique needs of the Saudi research community.

Saudi Arabia is building an ecosystem that empowers researchers to address the most critical challenges and drive innovation. Editage is aligned with Saudi’s Vision 2030 goals and is at the forefront of supporting the Kingdom’s efforts to achieve these objectives. Through initiatives such as the promotion of open data, substantial investments in AI, the development of local talent, and the pursuit of international collaborations, Saudi Arabia is solidifying its position as a leader in the global research community.

By Abhishek Goel


Cofounder and CEO

After a chance encounter with a Japanese professor who needed support in editing his research paper, Abhishek co-founded Cactus Communications (CACTUS) in 2002. Today he continues to build, develop, and scale the organization. CACTUS has grown into a global scientific communications company that collaborates with researchers, universities, publishers, societies, and life science organizations to accelerate research publishing and impact. A recipient of Ascent Foundation’s “Entrepreneur of the year award” in 2017, Abhishek’s role has been instrumental in establishing, developing, and scaling up the organization. Prior to founding CACTUS, Abhishek was a part of the international non-profit organization AIESEC in various leadership roles. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Mumbai and possesses a deep understanding of customer experience, commitment to innovation, and entrepreneurial vision, and is dedicated to serving CACTUS customers. Under his guidance and inclusive leadership, CACTUS has won recognition like being featured among the Best Companies for Millennials, Top 20 Companies for Remote Jobs, and Best Organization for Women Empowerment/Women Talent Development.

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