A new website for CACTUS’s first and biggest market

Makoto Yuasa

Representative Director, Japan

November 9, 2020

Japan holds a special place in CACTUS history. The idea behind the business came to CACTUS co-founder and CEO Abhishek Goel after an encounter with a Japanese researcher. Japan was the first market that we entered, and Japanese customers are still the most important source for new ideas and business growth.

I’ve been associated with CACTUS since its early days. I started as an intern in 2003 and worked on building the first Japanese website for Editage, to date the biggest brand at CACTUS. When I returned to CACTUS to take on business development in Japan after a brief hiatus, the website I built was still playing a pivotal role in helping us reach out to Japanese researchers who wanted to get published but felt handicapped by language.

After we started the subsidiary in Japan, we built our first corporate website for CACTUS Japan, which was heavily customized for Japanese customers and had a very different look and feel from that of the global brand site.

Today, with CACTUS establishing its presence in multiple markets and becoming a global player, we felt the need to standardize and afford a seamless experience on our sites for customers across markets. Also, we wanted our customers to know that we offer solutions other than the Editage services they were already familiar with.

It is with this intention that we have launched a brand new look for the CACTUS Japan website!

This new website offers the following advantages:

  1. Our customers can access all our solutions offered under the Editage, Impact Science, R, Cactus Life Sciences, UNSILO, and Cactus Labs brands on one platform.
  2. Customers can seamlessly switch between English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.
  3. While the website is standardized across markets, customers can access information relevant to their region through blogs and newsroom content.

We used to believe that catering to local customers with customized content and design was the right way. But today, with the world becoming more mobile and with fewer boundaries of language and geography, our approach and thought has changed.

A global company requires a website that is accessible to anyone from anywhere and that can communicate the brand message correctly. To keep up with this global trend, CACTUS wants to build a strong brand identity that’s recognizable around the world. And we will continue providing our customers in Japan with the best services and solutions.

We look forward to your feedback on the website:

By Makoto Yuasa


Representative Director, Japan

Makoto heads the Japan and South Korea operations. Armed with a law degree from Nihon University, Japan, he took a detour into the world of marketing and sales. A significant player in the marketing and promotions of CACTUS’s editorial offerings to researchers in Japan, Makoto has been a key player in handling business development for publication support, education, transcription, translation, and design services. Since 2013, he has served as the Vice President of the executive committee of ScienceTalks, CACTUS’s initiative to build an interactive platform to enable authors and researchers to connect and exchange ideas in real-time. Makoto has a deep understanding of cross-cultural business differences after having lived in Japan, India, and the UK, and he uses this understanding to engage stakeholders and expand CACTUS’s work and imprint.

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