November 22, 2019

Cactus Communications Welcomes Katsuhisa Arai as Head of Medical Communications for Japan


Cactus Communications (CACTUS), a global company that provides communications and technology solutions to academia and life sciences segments worldwide, welcomes Katsuhisa Arai as Head of Medical Communications for Cactus Life Sciences. Cactus Life Sciences is a division of CACTUS that offers high-impact medical communications for pharmaceutical, medical devices, and biotech companies globally. Arai will oversee the Japan operations of the medical communications team.


Arai brings to CACTUS 15 years of experience in scientific publishing and medical communications. He started his career in 2006 as the global sales head of the scientific publishing division at Elsevier. He then joined Springer Nature, where he served as the sales director of the Asia Pacific region and was primarily responsible for the pharmaceutical market. Before joining CACTUS, he was the General Manager of ProScribe's Japan market.


Elvira D’souza, Head of Cactus Life Sciences, is all praise for the experience Arai brings with him: “From my interactions with Arai, it became clear that he has a lot to offer in terms of his in-depth understanding of the Japanese pharmaceutical and medical device market. Thanks to his experience with some global names in the healthcare and pharma segments, he has developed a keen understanding of the eastern and western markets and I'm sure he'll be able to pass on this understanding to his team in Japan as well as the global team.”


Working at CACTUS was an important turning point for Arai. “Pharmaceutical companies are now more focused on saving lives, improving quality of life, and having a positive impact on society. Medical communication solutions is one avenue through which pharma companies can influence lives at a global scale. I am motivated to work with them towards this goal. I have been following CACTUS for many years and it became clear to me that this is a company that cares and wants to impact people's lives. My discussions with the cofounders convinced me this is a great place where I can utilize my experience and take on new challenges,” Arai says.


Cactus Life Sciences has its headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, and comprises medical communications professionals from across the world. As the head of the Japan market, Arai will be responsible for effectively translating the needs of the Japanese pharmaceutical and medical device companies for the global team. Arai hopes to leverage his experience to build a strong medical communications team in Japan and offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical and medical device companies in Japan.


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