Mind the Graph launches revolutionary “journal-branded” graphical abstracts

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May 16, 2023

Mind The Graph (MTG), a CACTUS brand renowned for its online platform featuring the world’s largest scientifically accurate illustrations gallery, is excited to announce the launch of its latest product offering: “journal-branded” graphical abstracts. This ground-breaking feature empowers authors to effortlessly create journal-branded graphical abstracts, significantly enhancing the visibility and impact of their research.

MTG’s intuitive platform enables authors to create stunning graphical abstracts in a matter of minutes. With a range of selected templates to choose from, authors can easily drag and drop relevant illustrations and customize all elements within the MTG Workspace. Once the graphical abstract is complete, users can download the finished product for a nominal fee of $29 and submit it alongside their research paper for publication in the target journal.

Research has shown that articles with infographics can experience up to a remarkable 120% increase in citations, leading to greater recognition and exposure for authors. Participating journals will offer authors access to this new journal-branded graphical abstract feature through their websites, submission platforms, dedicated social media links, or via email invitations.

CACTUS has partnered with Wolters Kluwer to unveil this revolutionary feature initially for two of their esteemed journals. The specific launch dates for these journals will be announced in the coming weeks, marking a significant advancement in scientific communication.

Duncan MacRae, Director of Editorial Strategy and Publishing Policy at Wolters Kluwer, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are constantly looking for ways to assist authors in promoting their work outside of traditional avenues. Being able to easily create supporting materials like graphical abstracts, and at a low cost, democratizes scientific communications and makes dissemination more equitable. We are thrilled to be working with CACTUS on being at the forefront of MTG’s offerings.”

Nikesh Gosalia, Senior Vice President of Global Academic & Publisher Relations, highlighted the seamless user experience provided by MTG, stating, “MTG’s platform offers a seamless workflow for creating these graphical abstracts, eliminating concerns about sourcing high-quality images or selecting appropriate illustrations. With the world’s largest scientifically accurate illustrations gallery at their fingertips, authors can access automated DIY science figures and AI-powered scientific communication solutions. Journal branding on these graphical abstracts will further enhance credibility when authors share their work on social media.”

Fabrício Pamplona, Founder of Mind The Graph, expressed his excitement about this initiative, stating, “The use of graphical abstracts in scientific communication is a rapidly growing trend. We are delighted to partner with Wolters Kluwer to fuel this initiative and provide authors with the best available resources, enabling them to confidently and creatively communicate their discoveries to the world in a visually compelling format.”

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