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Being at the frontline of cutting-edge research is no longer enough. With scientific communication being propelled into the digital age, information in the life sciences needs to be customized for and disseminated through various formats. We are committed to helping our clients use digital innovation and change how medical content is developed and disseminated.

Our Capabilities

Strong content and innovation capabilities

Our team of visualizers, graphics designers, web developers, digital leads, and multichannel experts is as passionate about communicating complex scientific data as is our scientific team. They collaborate to convert scientific content into the right creative and digital formats based on audience needs.

Strategy and execution

Our scientific and digital leads will work with you to define a digital roadmap after considering your needs and goals. The execution of your strategy will be supported by robust project management support.

Repurpose existing content

We believe in also finding efficient ways of doing things and we have been working with several of our clients to repurpose their existing content. In addition to the obvious cost- and time-saving benefits, this allows them to customize content for different audiences and improve the impact of their communication pieces.

What we offer

  • E-learning modules
  • Infographics
  • Audio slides (with voiceover)
  • Author videos and podcasts (monologues, dialogue, interview)
  • Animation videos
  • Medical education portals
  • Therapeutic area websites
  • Interactive proactive and reactive decks
  • Video abstracts
  • Congress booth material


Allow quick identification of key data and trends

Author Videos and Podcasts

Amplify Reach: Enhance data outreach and cognition for easy understanding

Audio podcast from Dr. Skolnik on COPD Management in the Primary Care Setting published in The Journal of Family Practice

Video of Dr. Ohar and Dr. Donohue discussing important takeaways from the supplement chapters published in The Journal of Family Practice

Animated Videos and Audio Slides

Amplify reader experience and engagement

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