UNSILO, a Cactus Communications company, announces full integration of technical checks tool Evaluate with ScholarOne

Cactus Communications

March 9, 2020

UNSILO, a Cactus Communications company, today announced that its AI-supported technical checks tool Evaluate is now fully integrated into ScholarOne, the comprehensive workflow-management system from the Web of Science Group, a Clarivate Analytics company. This integration can be accessed here:

Performing technical checks at manuscript screening is a high-cost, time-consuming work for journal editorial offices. A survey conducted by UNSILO(1) showed that 87% of editorial offices perform technical checks before review and 68% of them manually crosscheck information across forms and the manuscript.

Evaluate’s integration provides users of ScholarOne with AI-supported screening tools to help editorial offices ensure that manuscripts meet a wide range of author guideline requirements. Over 7,000 journals using ScholarOne Manuscripts now have the option of purchasing ScholarOne integrations of Evaluate, a tool that offers an expanding list of technical checks. The time saved by journal editorial offices can dramatically improve the time to publish.

Thomas Laursen, VP-Revenue, said, “We are very pleased to offer this innovative integration to ScholarOne journal customers. Looking further ahead, the recent survey also found that 83% of editorial offices would like authors to use checking software before editorial offices receive submissions. Future work could consider bringing some of these checks forward in manuscript tracking system workflows to help authors more directly and further reduce downstream workflow bottlenecks.”

Nishchay Shah, Chief Technology Officer, said, “This integration is the kind of innovation UNSILO is known for. With the combined strength of UNSILO’s and CACTUS’s product development team, we have the expertise and leverage needed to spearhead many such developments in AI. I am excited about the Evaluate roadmap—it will transform the way manuscripts are screened.”

The integration is further described in ScholarOne’s release notes, with information on how to trial and purchase these new services(2).

(1) Technical Checks Survey Report, UNSILO 2020.

(2) ScholarOne Release Notes v4.26.1.