R Discovery becomes the largest repository of Open Access journal articles in the world

Cactus Communications

February 28, 2023

~The platform surpasses the 40-million mark for available Open Access journal articles ~

R Discovery, a Researcher.Life solution by Cactus Communications (CACTUS), is now the world’s largest library of Open Access (OA) journal articles. R Discovery has partnered with top academic institutes and publishers, including Springer Nature, NEJM, JAMA, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), KARGER, SAGE, The BMJ, and many more across major research disciplines with over 40 million OA journal articles available.

OA publishing is a global strategic movement for students and researchers to overcome the challenges of accessing information for their research papers and to ease the availability of updated journals or information irrespective of their location. OA also solves the financial inequality across different geographies, which otherwise makes it difficult to access paywalled content. Commenting on this milestone, Abhishek Goel, CEO & Co-founder, CACTUS, said, “With R Discovery, we want to build a community where researchers can access all relevant information about their field of study, area of research, or maybe even about a hobby, geography agnostically. The milestone of becoming the world’s largest repository of OA journal articles reassures our partners that R Discovery is an important tool in the academic environment. R Discovery will continue to provide personalized reading guides, smart research abstracts, and access to 9.5 million+ topics from across various research disciplines. This tool also showcases the advanced AI technology we are working with— where we understand the researcher’s interests and searches and present a personalized experience. It is a tool that is potentially a game changer in the OA movement, and we are extremely confident about its capabilities.”

R Discovery by CACTUS has been downloaded more than two million times by researchers from over 190 countries. Researchers regularly use R Discovery to find new content and read and access the full text. Currently, there are over 100 million papers from 32,000+ journals covering more than 9.5+ million research topics across various subject areas, such as life sciences, biology, medicine, philosophy, political science, environmental science, social sciences, and psychology. It is also the largest OA repository, with more than 40 million OA journal articles available. Users can access paywalled articles through their university credentials. R Discovery is one of the largest repositories of research content accessible on the go.

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