Paperpal introduces plagiarism checker, expanding its comprehensive AI writing support for academics

Cactus Communications

February 27, 2024

Paperpal, the AI academic writing assistant by Cactus Communications (CACTUS), a science communication and technology company, has introduced an online plagiarism checker to help academics steer clear of accidental plagiarism, and present their best original research. This latest feature adds more depth to the comprehensive AI writing tool, benefiting Paperpal’s growing community of 600,000+ users across the world.

Plagiarism has serious repercussions in academia. Being flagged for plagiarism, even if accidental, can impact a person beyond their academic and professional life, affecting future opportunities and reputation. The gravity of plagiarism allegations emphasizes the importance of robust tools to ensure originality of academic work.

The industry-best plagiarism checker by Paperpal helps researchers to pre-empt desk rejection due to accidental plagiarism. It enables students to catch instances of unintentional plagiarism or missing citations. Additionally, the plagiarism prevention tool also aids in streamlining the grading process for educators responsible for upholding academic standards and institutional reputation.

With this addition, Paperpal now provides authors with an end-to-end solution for academic writing. Authors can scan their academic text against an extensive database of 99 billion webpages, receiving an instant plagiarism report with similarity scores, color-coded results, and side-by-side comparisons to sources. The Paperpal Prime subscription allows authors to check up to 7,000 words per month for plagiarism.

Nishchay Shah, Chief Technology Officer, Cactus Communications, said, “We have been leading the way in developing innovative features within our AI academic writing tool, which allows us to offer top-notch solutions to our users. And today, we’re proud to launch a plagiarism check as part of Paperpal’s AI writing toolkit. Apart from addressing a crucial need, this furthers Paperpal’s mission to encourage responsible academic writing among students and researchers. It reaffirms our commitment to academic excellence by providing authors with comprehensive, real-time writing support on one single platform.”

Paperpal is a complete AI writing toolkit that empowers authors to write better, faster by providing generative AI support, real-time language and grammar correction, and submission readiness checks. Trusted by academics and advocated by top journals and publishers across the world, Paperpal has emerged as the best writing assistant for academics with an NPS of 72.

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