Kudos and CACTUS set out ‘What Scholarly Publishers Need To Focus On In 2024’

Cactus Communications

February 22, 2024

Kudos and CACTUS briefing explores how publishers can grow quality submissions, delight authors, build brand, expand audiences, and leverage emerging communities.

Kudos and Cactus Communications (CACTUS) have published a new white paper exploring key strategic themes for publishers in 2024. As leading providers of scholarly communication services to support publishers, Kudos and CACTUS are well placed to provide a wide-angle view of common strategic themes. They have signalled five key growth areas for publishers to prioritize:

  • Growing quality submissions
  • Delighting authors
  • Building brand profile
  • Expanding audiences
  • Leveraging emerging communities

“Entrepreneurs talk about the tipping point of competitive advantage being the moment when a company transitions from delivering a product to building a community,” says Melinda Kenneway. “Publishers who align their brands with key research areas, for example by showcasing relevant content, can build communities, expand audiences, attract quality submissions – and retain authors by strengthening the visibility and performance of their articles.”

Nikesh Gosalia, President, Global Academic and Publisher Relations, Cactus Communications remarked, “In scholarly publishing, it is crucial to stay responsive to the evolving needs of researchers and readers. At CACTUS, we believe that publishers must pivot towards being more author-centric, emphasizing responsiveness to authors’ needs. Our whitepaper underscores the imperative for publishers to prioritize authors and adapt accordingly. By recognizing and addressing authors’ requirements, publishers can redefine their value proposition, attracting and retaining top-tier talent, driving relevance and growth in scholarly communication.”

The companies have partnered to create plain language summaries and multimedia ‘extenders’ of research publications, which have been correlated with increased attention, readership and citations. Kudos combines this content into powerful reader-oriented Stories and Showcases, with thematic promotion driving engagement, and unique analytics to demonstrate reach.

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