CACTUS partners with Cassyni to bring the most relevant research seminars to researchers globally

Cactus Communications

July 20, 2023

Cactus Communications (CACTUS), a science communication and technology company, has partnered with Cassyni, the leading platform for delivering research seminars to a worldwide audience. The partnership will allow the global research community to discover seminars and other relevant information directly in the R Discovery app, under a new tab created specifically for Seminars and Conferences. R Discovery users will benefit from Cassyni’s AI-powered semantic video technology, which connects publications with the precise moment in a video where they were mentioned; they will also be able to choose the option of RSVPing for upcoming seminars on the Cassyni platform or creating their own seminars by directly following a link from the R Discovery app.

Abhishek Goel, CEO & Co-founder, CACTUS, said, “This partnership brings a new dimension of content to R Discovery. Having information about all relevant seminars and conferences is a significant way in which researchers can stay updated within their field of research.” He further added, “Cassyni has created a vibrant and connected ecosystem that enables millions of online and hybrid research seminars, helping academics, institutions, and journals grow their reach and maximize their impact in a green and inclusive way and we are very excited to partner with them.”

Andrew Preston, Co-founder, Cassyni, said, “In a world of generative AI and the threat to paper mills, we believe that it’s crucial to be able to connect directly with researchers and hear about their research in their own words. Through this partnership, R Discovery will play an important role in making those connections and allowing millions of researchers who use the app to discover and participate in the latest seminars, and identify the exact point where publications in their library are mentioned in a video. R Discovery is one of the first to build on our newly released API, which we’ll be sharing more about in the weeks to come.”

R Discovery by CACTUS has been downloaded more than two million times by researchers from over 190 countries. Researchers regularly use the app to find new content and read and access full-text articles. Currently, there are over 100 million papers from 32,000+ journals covering more than 9.5+ million research topics across various subject areas, such as life sciences, biology, medicine, philosophy, political science, environmental science, social sciences, and psychology. It is also the largest open-access repository, with more than 40 million open-access journal articles available. Users can access paywalled articles through their university credentials. R Discovery is one of the largest repositories of research content accessible on the go.

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