Cactus Communications and Morressier partner to bring AI-powered Paperpal Preflight checks to scholarly workflows

Cactus Communications

October 16, 2023

Cactus Communications (CACTUS), a science communication and technology company, and Morressier, the startup transforming scholarly communications, announced their partnership today to provide preflight checks for scientific authors, through CACTUS’s AI/ML-powered manuscript evaluation tool, Paperpal Preflight.

Under the partnership, some of CACTUS’s Paperpal Preflight technology will be available via the Morressier platform, supporting a comprehensive set of language, grammar, consistency, and technical checks. The checks will be seamlessly integrated into Morressier submission workflows and are currently available as a standalone service for single or batch file upload. These are designed to help authors comply with submission guidelines, improve the quality of submissions, and offer a superior submission experience to authors.

The feedback Paperpal Preflight provides authors includes AI-powered language suggestions, helping to level the playing field for the majority of scientific authors who are not native English speakers.

Mădălina Pop, leader of Morressier’s Integrity Team, said, “Navigating the varying submission requirements, whether an abstract or a final publication, can be challenging for authors. Morressier’s Paperpal Preflight checks are designed to give authors a helping hand, while ultimately increasing the quality of submissions and saving time for editors.”

Commenting on the partnership, Nishchay Shah, CTO and Business Head of Paperpal at CACTUS, said, “Over two decades of working with researchers and academic publishers worldwide, we at CACTUS have amassed a deep understanding of academia. With Paperpal, we’ve distilled this knowledge into cutting-edge AI technology that helps authors in over 140 countries achieve their publishing aspirations. Now, we are taking things a step further with Paperpal Preflight’s API solution to make the technology available at a larger scale for product integrations. With this partnership, Morressier gets complete access to our comprehensive manuscript evaluation toolkit which will help improve the quality of submissions and make the publishing process smoother for researchers.”