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A fully AI-powered offering, PubSURE is an analytical tool as well as a marketplace that aims to bring together researchers and journals across all STEM and HSS disciplines and enhance the efficiency of scholarly publishing.

Identifying the right journal to submit to or ensuring the shortest time to publication can be challenging for authors. On the other end of the spectrum, manuscript screening can be immensely challenging for journals and publishers, especially because it is difficult to stay updated on the relevant content available for publication.

PubSURE responds to these challenges by breaking down the barriers in traditional publication processes and offering control to authors and journals in both journal and manuscript selection.

Our Vision

PubSURE aims to revolutionize the traditional publication processes by offering control to authors and journals and speeding up the selection and publication processes.

Our offerings

PubSURE Connect

PubSURE Connect provides a marketplace for journals and researchers to interact through their content. Journal editors can identify manuscripts of an acceptable reporting standard, and researchers can present their work to multiple journals at once, eventually choosing the one platform they wish to publish with. PubSURE Connect facilitates a steady content acquisition stream that both saves time and prioritizes quality for journals and publishers.

PubSURE Report

PubSURE Report serves as a proxy for manuscript reporting hygiene. It evaluates manuscripts for readability, completeness, and compliance, among a range of other critical editorial criteria. Built with deep learning and AI and trained with over a million edited manuscripts, PubSURE Report ensures that only those manuscripts that pass the pre-set reporting standards appear on the marketplace.

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