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Cactus Labs

Innovation and R&D cell for technological solutions


Leveraging AI to accelerate technological innovations for business transformation

Cactus Labs is transforming business through research and rapid experimentation in the areas of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and other data science streams.

The team—comprising data scientists, linguists, NLP engineers, software developers, subject-matter experts, product managers, and industry specialists—has worked with large volumes of data; has expertise in programming languages like Python, Scala, and C; works extensively on tools like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Neo4j, and Apache Hadoop; and runs multiple production loads with the top three cloud providers, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google.

Our solutions use the latest technological innovations like deep learning, pattern recognition, clustering techniques, and deep text analytics to arrive at high-efficacy output, and rely on automatic feedback models to constantly learn and improve.

Research Areas

Automated English Editing

Identifying critical language errors in academic content and bringing it up to a level that is close to publication-ready

Concept Extraction

Ensuring speedy and highly effective data mining from academic manuscripts through concept detection, extraction, and ranking

Auto Summarization

Identifying key statements, ranking them by significance, and creating easy-to-read, impactful summaries/Abstracts of academic manuscripts

Augmented Reality

Bringing augmented reality (AR) to academic outreach by presenting scientific content in 3D and creating immersive experiences

Image Recognition

Flagging potential violation of privacy laws by using face and image recognition techniques and identifying defects in scientific images, which are difficult to catch using traditional software

Manuscript Assessment

Evaluating the submission readiness of manuscripts and reducing the burden of the journal submission process for both the author and the journal

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