Nikesh Gosalia


President, Global Academic & Publisher Relations

Nikesh drives partnerships with publishers, technology companies, universities, academic societies, trade associations, professional membership organizations, and funding bodies largely in the US and Europe. He has spearheaded partnerships with leading scholarly publishers such as Elsevier, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Wolters Kluwer, and Frontiers. His mission is to facilitate the communication and dissemination of research and foster public engagement with science. He is the host of Insights Xchange (formerly All Things SciComm), a podcast where he invites opinion leaders from academia to discuss hot topics in academia. With over 20 years of experience in operations management, scaling up businesses, strategic partnerships, and driving B2B sales and marketing, the London-based MBA graduate from Warwick Business School brings a wealth of expertise to the scholarly publishing and financial services industries.

Latest articles


Takeaways from the STM Conference and Frankfurt Book Fair 2023

The weeklong combined event of the STM annual dinner and conference followed by the Frankfurt Book Fair can be an intensive affair. Thousands of publishers from around the world come together to discuss collaborations, technology, sales, challenge...

By Nikesh Gosalia | October 27, 2023


Takeaways from SSP’s 45th Annual Meeting

CACTUS participated in the biggest conference in academia last week. The 45th Annual Meeting of the Society of Scholarly Publishing (SSP) was organized in Portland this year and Nishchay Shah, Chirag Patel, Pablo Palmeiro, and I represented CACTUS...

By Nikesh Gosalia | June 4, 2023



“Can I really do this?” Lessons on taking risks to…

The CACTUS Way #6: Dream big and take risks; overcome the fear of failure.   Looking back on my journey at CACTUS, I am able to recall many instances where I had to take a giant leap. I’d be lying to myself if I said that every decision I too...

By Nikesh Gosalia | November 30, 2020


One platform for all Publisher, Journal, and Society needs

Publishers, Journals, and Societies (PJS) was identified as a key segment for CACTUS a few years ago.  We wanted to partner with some of  the biggest names in the industry—key players who shape the academic publishing landscape. I was given the ta...

By Nikesh Gosalia | November 17, 2020

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