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Our mission is to enable all associated with CACTUS to grow and reach their maximum potential.

Our shared purpose

At CACTUS, we believe in people’s potential and power to grown and improve. We believe that every individual and organization has the chance to grow and reach their maximum potential. Our function is to help people and organizations overcome all obstacles and showcase their abilities. We support them and their endeavors by helping to create and communicate the impact they are making.

CACTUS began as a small language editing company helping Asian researchers overcome the language barrier, present their unique research and ideas to the world, and compete in the global academic field. CACTUS has now grown into a multinational company, though our spirit remains the same. We believe that if someone has the talent or an idea that would make the world a better place, nothing should stop them.

We want to always be at the side of people who build solutions to overcome problems, and who believe in and push themselves to achieve their best. It could be a researcher who has a new approach to understand the world, an organization that has come up with game-changing innovation, or an individual who has a unique talent to contribute to the advancement of society. Any individual, group, or organization that aspires to make a difference should have a fair chance to play to the best of their potential irrespective of their origin, language, location, or handicap. We want to be the best form of support to anyone associated with us.

Our vision for our partners

For our customers: We ensure that our customers receive output of the highest standard. Our aim is to ensure that their work reaches the right audience and creates the desired impact. We steadfastly support our customers and business partners to help them achieve their professional and business goals.

For our employees: We create a work environment where every employee can constantly learn and grow. We create opportunities that allow talent to flourish and support people in their professional and personal growth. We show our appreciation to employees and encourage them to become an integral part of society.

We have the hunger to grow as an organization. As individuals, we may have our limitations, but as an organization, we have no limits. We help each other and can shape our capabilities as we need. We never settle for satisfaction. We will always strive to be better.