Cactus Communications certified as a Telework Master Company by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Cactus Communications

November 16, 2021

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan has certified Cactus Communications (Japan) as a “Telework Master Company” in recognition of its efforts to support remote work. This certification is given to small and medium-sized companies that have implemented telework at least three days a week for at least 70% of their employees for a designated period. 

Makoto Yuasa, Representative Director, Cactus Communications Japan, said, “Since CACTUS’s founding in 2002, we have provided employees with the best possible work environment. When the pandemic was announced, we were able to transition smoothly to remote work and ensure the safety of Cactizens. Currently, all employees in Japan who wish to work remotely are doing so. We will continue to take steps to create an ideal work environment where employees can feel secure.” 

Cactus Communications, headquartered in Mumbai, India, has championed remote work since before the pandemic. For six consecutive years, it has ranked among the top 20 of FlexJobs’ global list of “Top 100 Remote Workplaces.” During the pandemic, it took concrete steps to allow its workforce to work remotely securely and it plans on take further steps to make remote work a viable option to most of its employees.