We are proud to be a remote-first organization

Work from home and flexi-time has been part of our culture since inception. After a year of working remotely during the pandemic, Cactizens voiced their future work preference and here we are! As a full-time employee, you will have opportunities to meet your team, work with colleagues in your city, and connect with other Cactizens while also enjoying complete flexibility on where you live (within your own country) and how you plan your day. As a freelancer or contractor, you are a complete digital nomad with the whole world as your canvas!

What does remote-first mean at CACTUS?

Work from anywhere

A quaint village on the outskirts of the Himalayas, a bustling café in the heart of Shanghai, or a shack by the beach in the Maldives - your country is your canvas! And if you’re a full-time Cactizen who WANTS to work from an office setup, you’ll be able to work out of a co-working space that we partner with!

Work-life Integration

Want to take your kid out for ice-cream after lunch? Or run some quick errands for the house? Go for it. You get the flexibility to plan your day however you like, as long as you are on top of tasks and deliver what is needed!

Personal growth

Be it dance classes, yoga, or rekindling your passion for art –being remote-first allows you to plan your time the way you want it, pursue your passion, and spend time with family without compromising on your career growth.

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Awards and Achievements

#18 among the Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs 2022

Best Companies for Millennials 2019

Top 10 Safe Places to Work 2019

Best Organization for Women Empowerment/Women Talent Development 2019

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