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Active engagement WFH

Active engagement

Even though you work from home, you will stay connected with your team. Our engagement programs and your day-to-day interactions with your colleagues will establish a sense of community.

Work-life integration

With a telecommute job, you save on commute time and enjoy much greater flexibility. This can help you focus on your hobbies and spend more time with family. You can focus on personal growth while being challenged professionally.

One-on-one training

We will provide extensive training. Our one-on-one sessions include theoretical elements and a structured on-the-job training program.

Opportunities for growth

Opportunities for growth

Opportunities are made available to those who deserve it. You will undergo regular performance appraisals and receive opportunities for career growth and progression.

Team integration

You will have a (virtual) seat at the table for all team huddles, meetings, and discussions. Your opinion matters as much. Regular interactions with your manager will help you stay connected and up-to-date.

Celebrations and off-sites

Celebrations and off-sites

You will be a part of every event. You will have opportunities to visit the office or interact with your team at celebratory events.

The CACTUS Culture

CACTUS values people for their talent, personality, competency, and the ability to learn and grow. To make people show their best performance at work, we are as flexible as possible to ensure the best work environment they can thrive in. The foundation of this culture, is the belief in people and meritocracy.


Diversity and Inclusion

CACTUS celebrates diversity and actively pursues inclusion. That women comprise 55% of our workforce is a testament to this. And when you add to that many different nationalities, religions, cultural backgrounds, and age groups, you get CACTUS' unique blend of different individuals who form one close knit community.

Cactizens come from 9 countries, spanning 4 continents, and speak over 50 languages. There are regular conversations in the organization around uniqueness of every culture and how we can celebrate the similarities and differences between them.

Progression in CACTUS is purely based on impact that each individual creates. Women don't face unconscious bias and glass ceiling that is common in several organizations. This reflects in our numbers. In the last one year, out of total Cactizens who were promoted at CACTUS, 56% were women.


#16 among the Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs 2020

Best Companies for Millennials 2019

Top 10 Safe Places to Work 2019

Best Organization for Women Empowerment/Women Talent Development 2019

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