Bespoke programs for every publication need

Our instructor-led and customized programs are designed to equip researchers, peer reviewers, and journal editors with skills needed to navigate and master the publication process. We provide workshops, training programs, mentorship support, and customized multi-format blended learning programs.

Our training team comprises industry experts with experience in academic writing and years of engagement with the field.

Building robust research skills

We create and reinvent our training programs to suit the pressing and ever-evolving needs of the scholarly community. Our training programs are dedicated to the goal of empowering early- to mid-career researchers by helping them acquire the skills they need to produce quality research output.

Our core areas of focus

Introduction to scientific communication

The purpose and audience of scientific communication, in-depth academic publishing for young researchers, and attributes of scientific language.

Grammar and language for scientific communication

Augmenting language skills by focusing on good grammar, punctuations, word usage, quantitative and numerical expressions, and avoiding critical language errors.

Research writing

Preparing and writing a range of research content, from abstracts to full-fledged papers and grant proposals.

Research ethics

Understanding ethical issues in publication, engaging in ethical practices, and avoiding retractions and plagiarism.

Visual information

Using visual aids to represent information, such as tables, graphs, charts, and illustrations.

Scientific communication

Understanding the types of scientific communication, including laboratory notebooks, oral and poster presentations, scientific dissertations, and journal articles.

Content retrieval, revisions, and reviews

Understanding citations and references, the peer review process, and conducting final checks and revisions prior to manuscript submission.

Manuscript submission and peer review

Understanding how to respond to peer reviewer comments, track submission status, and communicate with the journal.

Advanced scientific communication

Enabling authors to write for global audiences, understand the dynamics of intellectual property rights, and promote their research for greater impact.

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