CSR Policy

  1. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this policy is to cover the general guidelines of CSR for Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd. (herein after referred to as CACTUS).

    The purpose of the CSR activities initiated by CACTUS is to make a ‘difference’ in society by working towards the inclusion of socially disadvantaged groups such as the poor and the disabled. We also aim to encourage Cactizens to spend time volunteering and participating in programs conducted by CACTUS and our partner organisations.

    1. Formation and Responsibilities of CSR Committee.
      Keeping in line with Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, the Board of Directors of the Company shall form a CSR Committee.

    2. Committee Members*:
      • Mr. Anurag Goel - Chairman
      • Mr. Abhishek Goel - Director
      • Mr. Bimalkumar Kedia - Director

        In addition to the committee, there will also be a dedicated team working towards implementing and carrying forward the CSR initiatives outlined by the Committee.

    3. The responsibilities of this Committee will be:
      • Formulate and recommend CSR activities
      • Recommend the expenditure to be incurred on the activities
      • Monitor the CSR policy and activities regularly, measure the impact the CSR activities have had on the relevant stakeholders
      • Revise the policy and projects as and when required

    4. Targeted Sectors:
      In accordance with the Companies Act, CACTUS shall undertake CSR activities that comply with Schedule VII of the Act within the geographical boundary of India.

      CACTUS shall particularly focus on:
      • Promotion of education, enhancing vocational and other skills among children and adults
      • Enhancing lives of the differently abled
      • Any other meaningful projects under the Schedule VII of the Act

The Company will review the policy from time to time and make changes to the above as and when required.

*Amended vide the resolution passed at the Board Meeting of the Company held on 11th April, 2022.