CACTUS won the Mint W3 ‘Future of Workplace Disruptor’ award

Cactus Communications

February 8, 2023

Cactus Communications (CACTUS), a science communication and technology company, won the ‘Future of Workplace Disruptor’ award at the Mint W3 Conclave 2023, held in Mumbai on 3 February 2023. CACTUS was recognized among 460+ companies that have transformed Work, Workforce or Workplace over the last year in India under the medium enterprise category.

Yashmi Pujara, CHRO, CACTUS, said, “In CACTUS’ continued journey of being a remote-first organization, we have prioritized flexibility and work-life integration for our employees along with their productivity, without compromising business continuity. I would like to congratulate all Cactizens who chose to walk a path less travelled. A company must have a motivating leadership team, and I can proudly say our leadership board is the biggest champion of CACTUS’ remote working.”

Work, workforce, and the workplace have evolved through multiple shifts in strategies—companies becoming flexible, more resilient, and with reduced cross-border and intra-country movement. The 2nd edition of the Mint W3 Conclave in 2023 was a one-day symposium-cum-award ceremony, which showcased the importance of rethinking how we work, unleashing the workforce, and redefining the workplace. 

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