CACTUS announces winners of “Editage Grant” in support of young Japanese researchers

Cactus Communications

July 22, 2023

Cactus Communications (CACTUS), a science communication and technology company, announced the winners of the Editage Grant on July 21, 2023. The program was launched in November 2022 to give back to the researcher community in Japan by supporting young researchers at the early stages of their careers and providing them with a platform that will nurture their academic journey. Following a thorough screening process by stalwarts of the industry, the company has announced 5 winners receiving a grant of JPY 1 million and 15 runners-up receiving a voucher of JPY 100,000 each. The winners were felicitated at the “Editage Grant Award Ceremony & Mini Symposium Party” held at Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier, Tokyo, on July 21, 2023.

Abhishek Goel, CEO and Co-Founder, CACTUS, said “CACTUS’s mission is to ‘enable people to reach their highest potential’, and this is an initiative to help young researchers in Japan to achieve their highest potential. Japan holds a very special status for all of us at CACTUS, as the company was born after a chance meeting with a Japanese researcher. We are very happy to contribute in a small way to the growth of science in Japan.”

Makoto Yuasa, President of CACTUS in Japan, said, “One of the most critical challenges that Japanese academia is facing is the lack of adequate support for young researchers. Young researchers are under severe stress due to factors such as long working hours, unstable employment conditions, and lack of research funding. Through the Editage Grant Program, CACTUS is willing to provide not only financial support, but also opportunities to use our Editage and Researcher.Life platform to help them realize their utmost creative research potential. We intend to encourage millennial Japanese researchers to develop into the next generation of global leaders in academia.”

CACTUS, a leading science communication and technology company, started its journey in Japan in 2002. Their flagship brand Editage has helped over 500,000 authors worldwide publish around 2 million research papers in scholarly journals in over 2,000 disciplines through editorial, translation, transcription, and publication support services. The Editage Grant Program aims to provide financial support, mentorship, and career guidance to young researchers who wish to make an impact on society through their research. The winners will be able to use this grant to cover all expenses related to their research activities, including research, travel to attend conferences, and purchase of goods. To further support this journey, Editage Grant will also provide workshops, seminars, courses, and one-on-one mentorships to the selected researchers.

Please find below a brief of the five award winners and their research themes:

  1. Keiichi Kimura, Doctoral student, Laboratory of Green Space Creation, The University of Tokyo

Research theme: Land greening by cyanobacteria

  1. Aya Fujita, Doctoral student, University of Oxford

Research theme: Effectiveness of school-based mental health and psychosocial support interventions for refugee and internally displaced children in low- and middle-income countries

  1. Shoji Nakamura, Doctoral student, Kyushu University

Research theme: Vision of scientists and pharmacists in the era of immunotherapy

  1. Ting Wang, Postdoctoral researcher, Hokkaido University

Research theme: Management framework necessary to reduce soil erosion problems in mountain national parks

  1. Hiroyuki Miyoshi, Doctoral student, Imperial College London

Research theme: Stability analysis of superhydrophobic channel flow


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