Joy and Stress Triggers

A global survey on mental health among researchers

7.8 million researchers, in a world of 7.7 billion. That’s 7.8 million people dedicated
to research, discovery, and innovation in the high-performance, hypercompetitive environment of academia.

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Researchers are six times more likely to experience clinical
anxiety and depression than the general population.

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Do you think you may be one
of them? Or know someone who is? Is it serious enough to warrant intervention?

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Yet, there are some researchers
who remain unaffected. Or even thrive in this environment. Is there
a learning there?

Participate in the first ever large-scale global survey of researchers for answers

Why You Should Participate

If you are
a university / research group
  • Make a visible commitment to the wellbeing of researchers
  • Contribute to a global discussion that can improve the research environment
  • Get early, customized access to research data
If you are
a researcher
  • Actively contribute to real-value inputs for improving your work environment
  • Gain productive insights on managing the highs and lows at work

Advisors and Collaborators

We have collaborated with active researchers who are also mental health advocates.

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