Yashmi Pujara


Chief Human Resources Officer

Yashmi Pujara entered field of HR after spending a decade in marketing. Over 15 years at CACTUS, she has played multiple roles in Human Resources and Organization Development and has led initiatives spanning organizational culture, values, talent, performance, reward, and leadership development. She has been instrumental in shaping a unique culture at CACTUS and played an important role in conceptualizing and implementing their people policies, which has brought recognition to the organization through awards like Great Place to Work (ranked #1 among Mid-sized Organizations in 2017), Best Organization for Women Empowerment, among the Top 10 Safe Places to Work, and among the Best Companies for Millennials in 2019.

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Hits And Misses

The true DNA of any organisation is palpable at the workplace and the culture and ethos of an organisation cannot be easily experienced in the WFH setting. It has been six months since WFH was forced upon millions of people worldwide. Even though ...

By Yashmi Pujara | December 3, 2020


Adjusting in a remote working era—Long-term implications for HR

This widespread trend of going remote will force HR functions to invent remote work models that best suit business needs. HR will have to rethink, reconstruct, and reimplement everything within its umbrella. Over the last 6 months, COVID-19 has co...

By Yashmi Pujara | November 24, 2020



When one Cactizen made us rethink our policies

The CACTUS Way #4: Speak up and listen actively; differences enrich us.   India has four public holidays when all offices, schools, banks, and government offices are required to be shut. As a global organization with customers from over 100 c...

By Yashmi Pujara | November 16, 2020


Essential values in the remote workplace

Every entity has its own unique value system that serves as the bedrock of its culture. Remote working seems here to stay, and organizations need to revisit their value framework to suit the new model. Redefining values and creating an ecosystem t...

By Yashmi Pujara | September 22, 2020


WFH essentials: boosting employee engagement is the key mantra

With rapid outbreak of the novel coronavirus globally, businesses across sectors are facing severe challenges in order to get things back on track. Currently, the most crucial part for all the organizations worldwide is to focus on their employees...

By Yashmi Pujara | July 15, 2020



How CACTUS responded to the COVID-19 crisis

Towards the end of January 2020, our China office was the first to feel the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. New cases were being reported every day in Wuhan while employees planned their annual holiday. As they proceeded with their holiday plans, t...

By Yashmi Pujara | April 29, 2020


“Leaders need to embrace uncertainty, explore new opportunities that any…

Cactus Communications has been part of the remote work culture for the last 17 years, with global offices in China, Japan, Korea, Europe and India. Yashmi Pujara, Chief Human Resources Officer, Cactus Communications gives Viveka Roychowdhury detai...

By Yashmi Pujara | April 8, 2020

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