Sourav Dutta


Chief Strategy Officer

Sourav is responsible for strategy roadmap, acquisitions and investments, post-merger integrations, strategic transformation, incubation of new businesses at CACTUS, and competitive insights. Within 3 years of joining CACTUS, he spearheaded its acquisition and integration of a Denmark-based AI startup and a Brazil-based company with the largest repository of scientifically accurate illustrations. He also drove CACTUS’s investments in scite, Scholarcy, doDOC, Kudos, and Cadmore. Prior to joining CACTUS, Sourav worked across Growth and Entry Strategy, M&A and Post-deal Integration, GTM Strategy, Corporate Performance Management, Supply Chain and Logistics, EBIT/ROCE Improvement, and Organization Design in leading companies like Tata Consumer Products, PwC (Consulting), and Tech Mahindra across India and the US. He is an Electronics and Communication Engineer from the Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, and has an MBA from IIM Bangalore.

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“What should we do?” The right thing, of course!

The CACTUS Way #3: Do what is right even if it is hard.   This incident dates back to over 10 years before I joined CACTUS. It was the summer of 2009—the first summer after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The world was reeling under a financ...

By Sourav Dutta | November 13, 2020

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