October 18, 2019

Editage and Tsinghua University Press release a book on common mistakes in manuscript writing for Chinese researchers

Editage, a leading science communications brand by Cactus Communications (CACTUS), has partnered with Tsinghua University Press to publish a book on common errors in writing manuscripts in English for Chinese researchers. The book is a Chinese adaptation of Editage’s best-selling Japanese version published by The Japan Times in 2016, which has sold over 14,000 copies and has been well-received in Japan.


For the Chinese adaption, Editage analysed 100 papers authored by Chinese researchers. The book categorizes these errors based on how commonly they occur and how seriously they would affect a manuscript’s evaluation by journal editors and peer reviewers. The book provides detailed explanations of each error with examples from research papers.


Frank Xu, Managing Director, Editage, Greater China, is excited about the book release in collaboration with Tsinghua University Press. “Our mission has always been to support researchers globally in their publication journey, and to help research reach international audiences and have a global impact. Since China is now the leading contributor to global research, it is only natural that we make our services and expertise available to Chinese researchers to help them get international visibility and recognition for their research. We are delighted to partner with Tsinghua University Press to help more Chinese researchers get their work published in international journals,” says Xu.


Xu is certain that Chinese researchers will find the book very practical and useful. “There are many books available on manuscript preparation and writing for researchers. What makes this book unique is that Editage is one of the pioneers of language editing services globally, and this book is based on our real-world experience, having edited more than 1 million papers over the last 17 years. Because of our in-depth understanding of the writing style of Chinese researchers, we were able to provide tips and examples that any Chinese researcher would be able to relate to and benefit from. While the book mainly addresses errors made at the writing stage, it also covers errors made before and after writing, and thus helps researchers get a holistic perspective of the publication process and the expectations of international journal editors,” he adds.


“Tsinghua University Press has always been at the forefront of education and technology development, and is committed to serving teaching and research. We hope the practical suggestions in the book will help more Chinese authors improve their ability to write manuscripts in English and participate more fruitfully in international scientific research exchange,” said Feng Xin, editor of the book and director of Science and Technology at Tsinghua University Press.


You can purchase 100 Common Mistakes in Research Manuscript Preparation at TMALL (https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=605191537004) and it will soon be available on other online stores, including JD.com (https://item.jd.com/12584589.html), Dangdang (http://product.dangdang.com/28469924.html), and Kindle Store.


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