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Founded in 2015 and incubated by CACTUS, Kolabtree is a secure space for organizations to find and hire freelance scientists for help with business and research challenges. Kolabtree's global pool of experts from over 175 countries offer services ranging from data analysis to medical writing. While organizations can easily hire experts on demand, freelancers can find high-impact projects that align with their research interests.

In our endeavor at democratizing science to pave the way for deeper and more impactful research and innovation, Kolabtree facilitates rewarding collaborations between organizations and academia.

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Our Vision

Kolabtree is committed to become the world’s go-to platform for scientific expertise on demand.

  • 10,000+
    Scientists and academics
  • 2,500+
    Scientific disciplines
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Our offerings

Project postings

Posting a project on Kolabtree is simple and easy. Once uploaded, each project receives bids from freelancers who express interest. From that point onwards, the freelancer and project team can interact freely to discuss the scope of work. When a project is funded, the funds are held in escrow to ensure protection of both parties.

Confidentiality and ease of use

Apart from the quality of both projects and talent on the platform, one of the most distinctive features of Kolabtree is its high standards of confidentiality and safety. Once uploaded, projects are secure and visible only to users who are logged in. The user friendly workspace makes engagements between researchers easy and efficient.

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