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Communicating and amplifying research

If a researcher makes a discovery and no one hears about it, can it have an impact? Impact Science was conceived to provide author-centric bespoke communication services to enhance research impact throughout and beyond the project life cycle.

Our science communication experts have a strong understanding of digital communication and can help publishers, journals, and societies market scientific content to both niche and lay audiences in engaging formats. We offer professional support and augment the impact of research output across audiences by cutting across disciplines and stakeholders.

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Our Vision

We want to democratize ideas by empowering every researcher to connect with global audiences for real-world impact.

Our offerings

We strive to support authors through impact management, dissemination, and engagement, and offer additional support with case study writing and evaluation. Our offerings are customized for different stakeholders.

For Universities and Institutes

Institutional research promotion

We help universities communicate their research reputation to students, faculty, allied academics, funders, industry, policy makers, and the public. Some of our key services include research impact communication, social media outreach, research commercialization, and internationalization of university newsrooms and microsites.

Supporting Research Impact for REF2021

We provide comprehensive support to help universities prepare for REF 2021. This includes dissemination and engagement services to maximize research impact, evaluation services to provide the all-important evidence of research, and impact writing to create strong case studies.

For Publishers and Societies

We help leading publishers, journals, and societies across the world meet their dissemination, advocacy, and communication goals through services like article promotion, journal promotion, publisher marketing, and society marketing. We help them share the latest information about their work, extend their reach, follow the latest research from other journals, and attract new researchers.

For Researchers

In a world where researchers are facing an information overload (over 3 million academic papers produced annually, as per the 2018 STM report), we help researchers cut through the clutter and make an impact through communication. We offer services in research dissemination to the professional community, in research communication to media, and in targeted communication to funders.

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