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CACTUS Leadership

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
- John Kennedy

At CACTUS, we are on an eternal quest for learning. About the life transforming discoveries and innovations, the people who make them, the ecosystem that nurtures them, and the world they impact. Our leadership team is the torchbearer of this quest that propels us to excel, so that the world of research does too.

Our Leaders
  • Anurag Goel
    Co-founder and Executive Chairman
  • Abhishek Goel
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Dinesh Modi
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Nishchay Shah
    Chief Technology Officer and Head of Cactus Labs
  • Elvira D’souza
    President, Global Medical Communications
  • Makoto Yuasa
    Country Director, Japan & Head, Branding
  • Shriram Poonja
    Chief Growth Officer
  • Vikas Narang
    Chief Operating Officer, Editage
  • Yashmi Pujara
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Sourav Dutta
    Senior Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development
  • Frank Xu
    Managing Director, Greater China
  • Basil D'Souza
    President, Editage Korea
  • Nikesh Gosalia
    Senior Vice President - Global Academic
    & Publisher Relations