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Living our values and culture

CACTUS is a culture-driven company powered by its people, their passion, and their inspiration. Right from its inception, CACTUS has been guided by the vision of its co-founders to be a magnet that attracts customers and talent for its work ethic, strong sense of fairness, and spirit of excellence. It is where clients, partners, employees, external resources, and vendors come to collaborate, work, grow, and forge bonds for a lifetime.

'Cactizens', as we like to call ourselves, live by the culture and values that define us.

Our Values


Be the best at what you do

For us, good enough is never enough. We constantly push ourselves to achieve what seems impossible.

  • Start strong, finish strong
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Fear mediocrity
  • Be bigger than your circumstances


Find new ways to make things better: change, improve, and simplify

To innovate is to evolve. Our dynamic environment encourages us to seek new ideas, big and small, and constantly challenge the status quo.

  • Stay curious
  • Resist the path of least resistance
  • Lose not your sense of wonder
  • Take the road less travelled


We believe in being true to ourselves and working in a manner that is forthright and fair

Have the courage to do what is right, not easy.

  • Take the difficult way out
  • Have the courage of your convictions
  • Call a spade a spade
  • Stand your ground


Be dependable and have faith in others

Trust is what got us here. By being reliable and relying on others, we create a positive environment and strengthen relationships.

  • Move with the times
  • See both sides of the story
  • Walk in someone else's shoes
  • Take the leap of faith


Communicate actively and constructively; influence thought and relationships

Everyone has a view and every view is important. We listen, understand, appreciate, and talk. Through open dialogue, we arrive at solutions.

  • Say it like it is
  • Have nothing to hide
  • Speak your mind
  • Challenge the status quo


Have fun...seriously!

For us, it's all work and just as much play; and it is this balance that drives us to put in our best. We express our individuality but also celebrate, learn, share, and laugh together.

  • Live large
  • Practice happiness
  • Don't always act your age
  • Take yourself less seriously
Our Culture

CACTUS values people for their talent, personality, competency, and the ability to learn and grow. We create a work environment that allows people to thrive and show their best performance. The underlying foundation of this culture is the belief in people and meritocracy.

Diversity and inclusion
  • Geographical and cultural diversity

    Cactizens are part of a community that spans 7 countries and different cultural backgrounds, each presenting and leveraging opportunities to learn from one another and develop diverse perspectives.

  • Inclusion

    CACTUS welcomes people of all genders, sexual orientations, religions, and social strata. Women form a majority of our workforce (54%).

  • Easy access

    We ensure that talented and high-performing people don't feel handicapped because of their social situation or physical disability.

Open and transparent

We encourage all Cactizens to talk openly about their ideas and opinions and provide feedback to anyone who is a part of CACTUS, regardless of designation, experience, or seniority. We also encourage them to place their trust and be open to differences in opinions and feedback.