Client successes

Transcribing an international conference

The client

The client is an international conference management company.

The challenge

The client wanted to transcribe the proceedings of international conferences. Most of the speakers did not speak English; their talks were translated by interpreters present at the conferences. Moreover, the conferences were often technical in nature. The client wanted both the original and translated speeches transcribed. Therefore, the client wanted a partner who could deliver accurate subject-specific transcription across multiple languages.

Our approach

To ensure technical and linguistic accuracy and meet the highly specific requirements of the client:

  • We set up a dedicated team of transcriptionists for the project.
  • The transcribed content then went through a two-round editing process: it was first edited by subject-area experts for technical accuracy, and then by English-language experts to ensure language quality.
  • Once the client reviewed and approved the text, we proofread the final version.


The company

  • Spent minimal time on managing the project and was able to focus on other core tasks
  • Received final documents that met all its specifications with respect to quality, technical accuracy, and consistency

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