Client successes

Repurposing content based on specific market needs

The client

The client is an Indian fund management company that offers a range of innovative investment solutions to facilitate wealth creation for its investors.

The challenge

The client wanted us to repurpose an existing presentation (prepared in English) for the Japanese market. The aim was to showcase India as an investment destination, while positioning the company as a leading player and adhering to global as well as Japanese business norms.

Our approach

The project required both professional translation expertise and an insider’s perspective of the Japanese market and investor psyche. Accordingly, here’s what we did:

  • Our financial editors and Japan market experts analyzed the original content and shared insights about the content based on global business norms and specific Japanese conventions.
  • We asked the client to revise the content based on these suggestions.
  • The revised content was translated into Japanese.
  • Our graphics experts revised the design in keeping with the color and design preferences of the Japanese market and prepared a number of options for the client to choose from.


The client received not just a translation but repurposed marketing material—in terms of content and design—tailored to meet the cultural and business expectations of the Japanese market.

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