Client successes

Improving the publication quality of an English-language journal

The client

The client is an academic society that publishes an English-language journal.

The challenge

The client wanted to improve its publication quality to match international standards. Previously, it had been the authors' responsibility to ensure good language and publication quality. However, the society decided to change its approach to achieve its goal.

Our approach

We suggested that the society direct its authors to the CACTUS website, where they could take advantage of our professional editing services, before submission, to ensure that their documents were well written and met publication requirements. The aim was two-fold:

  • To enable authors to easily access professional editing services
  • To allow authors to present reviewers with well-written submissions, so that the society could concentrate on academic content, and not language-related issues


  • Journal editors spent less time on pre-production tasks. Their publishing cycle was shortened as the received submissions conformed to the journal requirements and were well written.
  • Journal editors and reviewers could concentrate on improving the quality of the content of the manuscripts, without worrying about the quality of the language.
  • Authors were presented with an experienced and credible editing service and did not have to spend their time vetting one.
  • Authors received a discount on our retail pricing.

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