Devops Engineer

If “automation” is your middle name, let’s talk!

We are looking for a devops engineer for Editage our primary line of business with a minimum of 3 years experience with linux-based systems.

About our team

We are a team of 60+ extremely agile and driven Techies. We are hosted completely on Amazon cloud and are proud of our ability to achieve 1-min deployments and to scale our hardware capacity up and down in minutes. The secret ingredient of our development recipe includes large portions of agile development with hints of extreme programming. Laravel, PHP, query, Solr, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, nodejs, angularJS, mongodb, python, ansible, graylog, and new relic are few of the many technologies/services we employ. Unlike most techies, we are extremely social and believe that happiness levels are directly related to performance. We are very generous with our lunchboxes, quirky actions, smiles, and pranks – all of which help us maintain a charged up work environment. What’s more - with the best work hours ethic in the industry and a company policy that takes fun very seriously, we make sure that we work hard and party harder!

PS: If you are a foodie, join us for the daily delicious breakfast.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Writing scripts for procurement, configuration and deployment of instances; for managing system admin tasks
  • Managing ubuntu and AWSAMI linux servers
  • Managing AWS product and services like VPC, EC2, ELB, Route53, RDS, S3, ElasticCache, Cloudfront, Dynomodb and more
  • Managing system resources using Ansible, puppet or similar configuration management tools
  • Managing installations and maintenence of third party softwares like JIRA, Graylog, Selenium, etc
  • Managing Postgres service and replication
  • Managing git repositories
  • Managing nginx and apache servers
  • Managing Jenkins CI
  • Managing portable virtual environment (Vagrant, Docker)
  • Managing high availability, low latency applications
  • Focus on security best practices to ensure assist in security and compliance activities

Skills required:

  • Experience with setting up, configuring and using Jenkins or any CI tools
  • Experience with any programming language (At least 2 years exp with PHP or Python)
  • Experience in web server configuration, monitoring, network design and high availability
  • Thorough understanding of DNS, VPN, postfix, and linux user management
  • Thorough understanding of networking and all common services and protocols
  • Bash scripting and excellent handle on any one of the following: python, perl, Java, or Python
  • Experience with git and managing git repositories using on premise stash/bitbucket
  • Experience with two or more of the following: memcached, redis, or mongodb
  • Experience with package management and deployments

Skills preferred:

  • Experience with NewRelic
  • Experience with Hadoop, elasticsearch, log stash, Solr, etc
  • Experience with Varnish, APC or similar automatic caching system

Job location: 
Andheri East, Mumbai

Application process

To apply, send in your CV to or you can call on +912267148888 to know more about the position.

Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd.
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Mumbai 400-053, India
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