Academic Research Specialist

If you are looking to move away from your core field of study as an academic researcher, and into the corporate world, in a role where you can still apply skills and knowledge acquired as an academic researcher, this position is perfect for you! Read on, to know more.


Who we are and what we do

Cactus Communications is a leading provider of communication solutions, including academic and scientific editing, medical communications, publication support services, English-language workshops, transcription, and translation. Our company mission is to enable growth through effective communication.

Editage (, a division of Cactus Communications provides high-quality services to academic, publishing, and pharmaceutical communities.

Editage Insights ( , an offshoot product of Editage, is a comprehensive, multilingual content platform designed to educate researchers about all aspects of academic writing and publishing. 


The opportunity

We are looking for an Academic Research Specialist. The role is similar to that of a Principal Investigator, but in the niche field of academic research and publishing. So essentially it involves conducting research about research and publication itself. The Academic Research Specialist will have to draw up research proposals for research projects we can undertake internally for publication as original articles in journals or as whitepapers.

Here are some of our previous publications for reference:



This individual will be solely responsible for identifying appropriate research questions, designing the study methodology, conducting the study, writing the manuscript, and planning publication as per the best suited format and channel for the project at hand.

This role is best suited for candidates with a strong background in research and adequate skills and experience in study design, data analysis and interpretation, manuscript writing, and navigating the journal publishing process. The candidate should be self-motivated, comfortable working and driving our publication goals independently, have excellent project management skills and deadline compliance, and good at collaborating with people across seniority levels both internally and externally.

While we welcome applications from PhDs in any field, the research projects undertaken in this role will be most closely aligned with methodologies applied in the Humanities.


Your responsibilities

  • Research proposal and question formulation, based on internal data and external industry trends
  • Study design conceptualization
  • Survey administration (in case of survey studies), data collection, management, interpretation, visualization
  • Writing reports, original articles, and whitepapers
  • Publication planning and execution


You fit the bill if you have

  • A PhD degree in any of the sciences, but are open to moving away from your subject specialization
  • Formal training and experience in research methodology and statistical analysis
  • Experience and proven expertise with project management and data analysis, and interpretation, and presentation
  • Ability to structure and present research findings and data into reports
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills and a questioning mind
  • High proficiency and comfort with using MS Excel and PPT

    Job location: 
    Andheri West

    Application process

    To apply, send in your CV to or you can call on +912267148888 to know more about the position.

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    Mumbai 400-053, India
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